How to Keep the Outside Outside of your Bedroom!

It’s an increasingly busy world. There are noise, smells, people and demands muscling in on you almost 24/7. Of course the increased interaction and communication in these modern times is vitally important for business and to keep in touch with acquaintances, friends and relatives. There are also a host of entertainments available to you just a mouse-click away. Mobile phones are a blessing and a curse. They enable virtually instant liaison with anyone in the world, but they also mean that anyone can contact you at any time.
In summary, the world can often be a stressful place, and no-one can respond to it all the time. You need a place to call your own, a retreat, a virtual hermit’s cave where you can hunker down, relax and keep the outside world with all its demands for your attention at bay. That place is your bedroom, be it shared with a partner or one for your use alone.
The bedroom is where you spend a third of your life. Perhaps recovering from the stresses of the day, or a place where you can forget whether your on-line character in some fantasy game is being hounded by the AI or other players. A place where you can re-charge your batteries. But how can you make sure your bedroom is totally attuned to provide you with the tranquillity and sanctuary you require?
First you should buy a high quality mattress for your bed. A mattress that doesn’t give you a good night’s peaceful sleep is a waste of money. Find one that suits your sleeping position and then go for the best one you can afford. Make sure you have a comfortable duvet with the right toggle rating for the time of year. Locate the bed according to your depth of sleep. Deep sleepers may want the bed sited near a window so that the light can wake them, while light sleepers may prefer ones away from the window and the sounds that will filter in with the morning bustle.
The bedroom décor is also important. Light blues and light verdant greens can be very relaxing, especially when mixed in with flashes of white.
In order to be a retreat, your bedroom must be truly calming and relaxing. Light coloured walls can help set this mood. Light blues and greens are especially calming. Simple colour washes are better than crazy complicated patterns that may keep you awake or cause you to not return to slumber after waking.
Please please, don’t have a computer in the bedroom be it a PC on a table or a lap-top. The temptation to see who has e-mailed you or mentioned you on Facebook will be too great. Leave the internet for the morning and the day. Ditto the television- unless you are going to watch a peaceful dvd of a forest stream!
The room must be uncluttered and easy on the eye. Have items stored within the bed, and/or in closed bedroom furniture. A busy view can make for a busy mind, and sleep will be far away! In a similar vein the bedroom lighting should be the most subtle of all (apart from spotlights if you read in bed). Low-level mood lighting can create the right mood for you to move from the rigours of the day into refreshing sleep.
All these measures will keep the old day at bay and make you refreshed and anticipating the new day!