Hindu Marriage Registration

According to the rule of the Indian Supreme Court, all religious marriages should be registered imperative.  In Hindu Marriage, the pair should register their marriage legally under The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 even before or after a marriage under the religious rituals and customs. This Act is applicable only to the Hindu religion pairs that both husband and wife should be Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, or Sikhs or converted/reconverted Hindu religions respectively. As per the Act rule, the age of male (husband) should be completed 21 and the age of female (wife) should be completed 18. The marriage below the age of 21 (male) and 18 (female) is an illegal wedding were the government will take an action over them.

The Hindu Marriage Registration will be done where the marriage parties both husband and wife along with their parents or guardians or witnesses have to appear before the Registrar and submit the application form of registration along with documents/ proof to register the marriage and complete the formalities, so the marriage is registered and the parties are said to be married legally. The application form can be filled directly on the registration office or through the online registration 15 days before the marriage date. During the time of marriage registration, the application form should be submitted. Later, the parties will receive the marriage certificate within few days of Hindu Marriage Registration.